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Prologue — What’s this journal about

A brown guy walks into a bar and asks for a coke without ice.

Right, that’s me. The third culture individual (TCI as Google says) who spent his ‘after-18’ absorbing and observing different cultures, languages and accents.

Academically, I did exactly what I was warned to not do. Dropped out from engineering and went straight for an art university for a degree in design and visual arts.

In the last 10 something years I managed to understand a few other languages (other than English) thanks to living in a city with world’s busiest airport. I learnt fast, about people from different parts of the world, their languages and different ways of thinking. Little did I know, what an important role ‘understanding human psychology’ and ‘ways of thinking’ can play in design and advertising.

And that brought us both here. To this journal (fancy for blog). I decided to start this journal to share things I observe, learn, teach and do.

What could those “things” be?

A mix pot really, with heaps (how kiwis say it) of information.

Thanks to the idea of ‘getting bored easily’ I do and try many things.

One day I talk about advertising, creativity and innovation. The other day about what happens in the tech world. The third day about stock market, investing, economy and governments.

And then, about delightful things like food, travel and luxurious resorts I had a free-stay in.

Sometimes my thoughts go deep (you might see Adele rolling in it) about what I observe in different countries I travelled or lived in.

I have to add to this sonnet, that I was lucky to have some amazing employers and managers. And that shaped a lot of what I believe in and practice today. But we’ll get to that in future posts, maybe.

For now, I’ll wrap this here and go feed my Apteronotidae.