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Dubai metro and transport app

Dubai, having the busiest airport and one of the busiest tourist destinations in the world sees a significant number of commuters in its public transport section. According to Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) statistics, around 346 million riders have used public transport out of which 113.63 million used the Metro in 2020. However with a very manual operations of tracking the train and bus schedules, and top up, it became a pain point for regular commuters. Hence we crafted a proposal of completely digitizing the Dubai public transport commute system.

Digitizing the end-to-end journey

High-speed suggestive search helps the user find the stops and destinations they're looking for, and more.

In-commute notifications so you never miss a stop​.

With suggested results, the app highlights the nearby popular venues as well as an opportunity for businesses to buy a spot to display their destination or business

Easily top-up your NOL travel card

Registered users also get a digital NOL card that can be tapped at any train or bus station using NFC readers. That reduces the hassle of buying a physical card and adding balance to it using top-up machines. Digital cards also help in reduce plastic waste and carbon foot print.