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Easly — Project management SaaS

Rasly is a cloud-based software that helps organizations steamline their teams, projects and tasks. Additional features include Messaging inbox, road map design, calendar and scheduling and more. New update allows latest integrations with other apps like Slack and Jira.

My role
UX Architecture
UX Design, Testing & Prototyping
UI Design

Task organiser

Organise your tasks, projects. See which tasks are due in a quick glimpse. Get progress summary of your active projects, all in one screen.

Team management, done easly

The Teams module makes it super easy for you to add your team members, assign roles and rights, define a profile. That way you can easily assign a task, check progress and their active tasks for each of the team members.

Wireframes & User flow design

To test and verify that the user experience is frictionless, a full user flow & journey was designed with low-fidelity wireframes. The low-fidelity wireframes were to communicate the concept and test with users if the flow makes logical sense and if the over all platform is easy to understand and navigate through.

Messaging system designed with project & team management in mind

With interconnected messaging, users never have to leave the easly platform to send a new email. Easly platform is not only for project and team management but also includes a built-in messaging service. It makes it easier to connet with team members, assign a task, send task notifications as a new message and keep all communications with in one platform.

Roadmap planning

Roadmap view lets user view single project roadmap, or multiple teams and project yearly roadmaps.