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Figmint Doha


Figmint is a Doha, Qatar based boutique catering company that represents the fusion of traditional with contemporary. It provides premium catering and events services for government, corporate as well as private events. Figmint appraoched me to design their entire digital landscape and presentation as a boutique caterers, for both B2B and B2C customers.

  • Scope of work
  • Brand look & feel design
  • Website UI / UX design
  • Digital and print presentation design
  • Direction of photography
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Target audience

We discussed the pre-researched target audience. In alot of cases in the UAE market, the women choose their event design companies be it for weddings or private functions.

The demographic uses google and other search engines to look for almost any solution or service and that too mostly on their phone which gave us some key findings:

• A significant digital presense in form of website & social media was required.
• Most likely the target audience will use their mobile devices for search, enquiry and even payment hence for Figmint’s website it should be mobile first and SEO friendly.

Team work

Figmint’s internal team was well aware of what their business needs. Together and with help of customer insight we created the new Figmint website coupled with digital and print business presentations for the Figmint’s sales team.