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XDubai Rally & Racing


XDubai is a leading action sports brand in the UAE. With numbers of sponsored events and action sports athletes around the world XDubai has branched out into various branches of action sports including aerial sports, action sports stunts, motocross, deep diving and have its athletes participating in some of the biggest action sports events.

My Role

During my role of creative lead of Xdubai’s team, we were briefed about XDubai entering rally car racing and speed boat racing industry, I was assigned to brand the XDubai rally car and the speed boat - giving it a fresh energetic and sporty look as it will be the first representation of the brand as a vehicle instead of an athlete.

The Process

We started off meeting the car modifiers at their garage to understand the limitations and possibilities of branding this Ford fiesta. We discussed on replacements of some external parts where we saw could be good branding and design opportunity.

XDubai XCat Racing Boat

XDubai's XCat racing team has been one of the winning teams in multiple international speed boat championships, including ones in Goldcoast Australia, Portugal, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and many more occassions. The objective was to design the new look of the XDubai speedboat that not only reflects other XDubai racing vehicles' line but a rebrand that reflects a new racing team competing for XDubai racing team. Pilots: Arif Al Zaffain and Nadir bin Hendi