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X Skatepark Website

The background & problem:

XSkatepark at Kitebeach is the first professional grade skatepark in the Middle eastern region. It caters to a large number of young audience of skateboarders and graffiti artists.

However, there was no dedicated space where the audience could get information and facilities the Skatepark has to offer. There was no one place to manage all data of skateboarding enthusiasts in Dubai, resulting in missed business opportunities, especially with targeting the millennials who are avid users of digital platforms

The Solution:

We created a digital presence for XSkatepark for skateboarders, that helps them connect amongst the local skateboarding community as well as stay up to date with events at the park.

The website featured not only the skateboarding events but also skateboarding gear, skatepark tickets and lessons in the e-commerce section and XDubai’s (parent brand) branded merchandise.

A dedicated portal for user generated content was also created where skateboarders could share their thrilling skateboarding shots and videos to stand a chance of winning exciting prizes.

The Result:

The ticket sales’ numbers hiked up by 40% (tickets and lessons booking) the audience was well informed of coming skatepark events and offers on XDubai merchandise. The occupancy of the venue increased, with increased revenue.