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The importance of Self-reflection

If you are in any form of creative of visual arts industry, you’ll relate to this. Over the years, there are several times in life when we question, what is the deeper reason or purpose behind the work we produce. There are times, when you also question, what does your personal identity mean and how does it differ or make you unique from other billion creatives. These are usual and normal questions in our line of work.

And the one thing I have found really effective in getting answers to these questions, is by switching off. Switching off the mobile devices, the computers and macs and taking some time to reflect. This is also essential in times when there are unexpected twists and turns in life. Rather than react, if we reflect, it helps us untangle the situation in an analytical way and rather logically than emotionally.

Unlike what the TikTok gurus teach us, that we have to find a zen space, with a view and leave the society behind for days to do such exercises. I have happened to found them more effective doing it in our everyday space. Take a cup of coffee, go sit in your balcony, porch, garden for a bit. Take long clear breaths and instead of treating this as an assignment, just let the thoughts flow naturally. Infact, I have enjoyed pondering over my thoughts a lot better in a busy coffee shop with a city view than with a scenic view on while on a holiday.

It is surprising how many thoughts and questions about yourself, identity, unique characteristics you can untangle when you spend this quality time with yourself, in a conversation with yourself.