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Volkswagen Touareg


The 4x4 segment is the biggest and toughest one in the region's car market. Differences in what brands offer are hard to find. Volkswagen is a newcomer compared to the Landrovers and Toyotas of the market and needed to give its flagship 4x4, the Touareg, an edge.

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  • Agency : Memac Ogilvy, Dubai
  • Client : Volkswagen Middle East
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The Idea:

Showcasing the smooth driving experience of the Touareg with the 360Vue Vision, an innovative technology, with a 360 camera system that always keeps the driver aware of its entire surroundings. The visual approach brought the awareness of this feature to the customers and showcased the smooth driving experience that The Touareg has to offer.

The Results:

14% increase in sales (target set for campaign).